• Cardi B talked about the business side of music
  • The rapper credited her husband for being "smart with numbers"
  • She also reflected on being classified as a"female rapper" vs. simply being called as a rapper

Cardi B, who has risen to fame since debuting her studio album "Invasion of Privacy" three years ago, has recently opened up about the money and business side of music. She also discussed in detail how she, with the help of her husband, has come to manage these matters as a Black woman, especially when millions of dollars are involved.

In an interview with XXL published Tuesday, the 28-year-old rapper complained how companies had offered her less while they make three times more out of her.

"I'm a colored girl and I’m from the 'hood and shit. And they might be like, 'Oh, we could offer her a $2 million advance.' And the company is gonna make out of you, probably fucking $50 million, $100 million," she told the publication.

"And you settle for $2 million because they think that you’re so thirsty for that money that they just gonna give you the $2 million, she added.

The "WAP" star went on explaining how she makes sure she gets what she deserves in every business deal.

"The reason why my money keeps going bigger and bigger is because they’re looking at the numbers that I used to bring other companies and they see, 'Oh, she bring this amount of money. I’m gonna give her some more,'" she explained. "But it’s like, what is the number? 'Cause I want to be part of that big number."

Cardi also praised her husband Offset for being "smart" with the numbers and helping her.  She clarified, though, that she doesn't pay him.

"My husband, he’s really fucking smart with numbers. I don’t pay him. I don’t pay him nothing," she added. "So, it’s just like, when he’s super direct and when he tells me the truth and when he be like, 'You deserve this. You need this. You need that,' it’s just like, he’s not telling me this because he’s gonna benefit something from it."

"There’s nothing to benefit. He just wants to see me win. So, it’s just like, “You’re right.” And I feel like I’m such a nice person," she further said.

Cardi also reflected on being classified as a "female rapper" rather than being called simply as a rapper.

"I just keep feeling like I don’t care because I am a female. It’s just like, I don’t mind if you don’t put me in a category," she revealed. "Like, even let’s say a billionaire, right? Like, I’d rather be the first billionaire female than just, 'Oh, she’s a billionaire.'"

Cardi will perform at Rolling Loud Festival and Osheaga Festival in July 2021.

Cardi B ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 28: Cardi B attends Hawks vs Nets After Party at Gold Room on February 28, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage