Cardi B, "Love & Hip Hop New York"
Cardi B (Pictured) of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: New York" is speaking out against Peter Gunz after Amina Buddafly's shocking pregnancy announcement. VH1

Cardi B has made a name for herself by being outspoken, specifically on matters that effect women. The "Love And Hip Hop: New York" star is coming to the defense of co-stars Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace, whom are currently locked in a love triangle with controversial star Peter Gunz.

During the show's Season 6 reunion special, which aired on Monday, Amina revealed that she and husband Peter are expecting a baby together. This the second child the pair have and, while it should be something to celebrate, there's one major hang up: Tara Wallace, another star on the VH1 series who happens to be Peter's ex, was also pregnant with one of his many children at the time of the big reveal. Rather than sit back and quietly accept Peter's bad behavior, Cardi B decided to take a stand for her female co-stars. She questioned the Bronx, New York, rapper's motives reminding him that while he sleeps with both Tara and Amina they're being made to look like fools on television. Cardi B urged him to care for both women, with whom he collectively has four children.

"Look what you gave Amina and Tara...babies and that's it. Are you paying both of their rent?" Cardi B said. "You get p---- out of both of them and what are they getting in return, they look stupid on TV."

Cardi B's defense of both Amina and Tara comes on the coattails of earlier comments in which she claimed their refusal to stay away from Peter was disappointing. The "LHHNY" star was specifically troubled by gal pal Tara, telling Us Weekly that she was sincerely curious why her friend wanted a child with Peter. Cardi B told the publication she presumed Tara was "getting older" and was feeling pressured to have a child, but said it was a let down regardless. The female rapper later joked that she could not "believe that this guy [has] women fighting over him."

Despite the drama surrounding the complex love triangle, it appears that Amina is sincerely looking forward to her second pregnancy. Not long after the reunion aired she resurfaced on Instagram, sharing a photo of her growing bump. In the caption she explained to curious fans why she decided to have another child with Peter after terminating a previous one due to the drama surrounding her, her hubby and Tara. She also called Peter "the best baby daddy," adding that she wasn't ashamed to admit that she loved him.