Casey Anthony, accused of killing her toddler daughter Caylee Anthony, turned on the waterworks at her trial today.

When the prosecution presented their opening statement, Anthony sobbed and shook her head, especially on the part about the last day her daughter was seen alive.

However, when the prosecution described Caylee's decomposing body, Anthony was "stone faced," reported ABC News.

The Anthony case, which has captured the public's attention, has become somewhat of a spectacle due to extensive media coverage and the victim's young age.

AP reported that a 51-year-old retired poker player arrived at the courthouse at 4 a.m. to grab a spectator seat for the court case.

A key question for these spectators and the public is if Anthony's tears are genuine, especially give the allegations that she repeatedly lied to her family and the police about the disappearance of her daughter.

I personally don't think she's that diabolical that they've trained her to do that on cue. It comes back to reality when everyone is looking at you. Everything else is shut down. And at the end of the day, it's a 25-year-old girl that has no idea what is going on," observer Orlando criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby told the Chicago Tribune.

However, body language expert Joe Navarro, who also talked to the Chicago Tribune, disagreed.

"Casey Anthony has a lot of the features of both a pathologically narcissistic person and histrionic personality. This is a strategy she has used over and over. Tears come out on demand. If she were in a room by herself, she wouldn't be crying," he said.