“Castle” is back on ABC on Sept. 29, but fans that can’t get enough of the crime drama might be in for a treat. ABC is developing a new drama series based off the Castle character’s novels in the show, according to Variety.

The new series will be based on the “Derrick Storm” mystery novels featured in the original show. The novels have been published in real life under the pen name Richard Castle and have been popular enough, along with the popularity of “Castle,” to warrant the new show.

There are 9 real life “Derrick Storm” novels, as well as a handful of graphic novels and e-books. In the novels, Storm starts out as a private investigator tracking a man who turns out to be a rogue C.I.A. agent. Storm is soon swept up into a C.I.A. investigation that pairs him Clara Strike. In the rest of the novel series Storm carries out missions for the C.I.A. while becoming partners and lovers with Strike, much like Castle and Beckett. Storm is killed in “Storm Fall,” the final novel, but it is revealed in the e-books that he faked his death and is still carrying on missions with Strike.

Gregory Poirier, who created the short-lived 2012 ABC show “Missing,” starring Ashley Judd, is writing the pilot episode. “Castle” creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe, along with his wife and producing partner Terri Edda Miller, will oversee the new show. ABC has not released any details on whom they plan to cast in the new series or if “Castle” stars Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic will play a role.

In the meantime, “Castle” returns on Sept. 29 with a lot of questions to answer. Fans are still waiting to see what happened to Castle after his car was run off the road in the Season 6 finale. The show released a new teaser trailer based on the suspenseful cliffhanger. Plus, will Castle and Beckett still go through with the wedding? Fans will find out the answers soon.

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