Since the Season 6 finale of “Castle,” fans of the ABC drama have had two questions they are dying to have answered. The first is: Who attacked Castle, running him off the road and bringing fans’ hopes for the Beckett and Castle wedding in the finale to a screeching halt? The other, perhaps more pressing, question on fans’ minds is: Are they ever going to get to see a wedding now? “Castle” showrunner David Amann spoke to TV Guide recently and revealed that the answers might be coming sooner than we think.

Speaking to TV Guide, Amann said viewers will not be left in the dark about who attacked Castle and why. “After the second episode, the audience will have some but not all of the answers about what exactly is going on,” explained Amann. “It's a sufficient amount [of resolution] that the characters can move and get back to life as they knew it, but the effects of what happened to Castle will re-emerge and reassert themselves later in the season.” So, fans may be getting answers to who put a stop to the wedding, but how about the wedding itself?

As for when Beckett and Castle will tie the knot, Amann was a little vaguer, but did not rule out the chance that wedding bells could be ringing in the new season. Amann says “it’s very possible” that Season 7 could deliver the wedding that fans have been hoping for the past few months. Amann has previously said that he knows fans want a wedding and one that is true to the spirit of Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

Amann’s teasing is sure to get fans even more excited for new episodes to return. Season 7 of “Castle” returns with the premiere episode set to air Sept. 29 on ABC.

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