With “Cats” unveiling an updated version of the film in theaters with improved visuals, we can’t help but notice the many faults that the film had with the effects. It’s rare but not unheard of for a film to fix errors that were previously skipped during the editing process after it gets released.

There are many of these that audiences have pointed out after viewing the movie. These mistakes may have prompted director Tom Hooper to take a deep look at what can be fixed in the editing room.

One of these flubs can be found towards the end of the film with Judi Dench’s character Old Deuteronomy. In a tweet by Variety’s Jenelle Riley, she showed the actress in costume with one noticeable flaw. You can see a human hand with a wedding ring on one of the final shots of the movie.

A similar mishap can be found on Rebel Wilson’s character Jennyanydots where we can spot her human hand in the trailers.

Other blunders involved the background actors. In another scene, there was a man spotted in the background loitering around wearing a hoodie that was partially hidden among the rest of the extras given the CGI treatment, according to Stylist.

One scene was shared on Gizmodo where a man wearing a knit cap and coat was just standing among a group cats during a scene. The reviewer also pointed out some discoloration with a female cat, forgetting to add some fur on the effects.

With all these mistakes on-screen, here's hoping that Universal rectifies them with some tweaks as “Cats” continues it’s run in theaters after bombing at the box office.

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Taylor Swift stars in the "Cats" movie. Universal Pictures