CeCe Frey was eliminated on Thursday night’s episode of “The X Factor.”

Frey had been barely hanging on in the talent show, repeatedly finding herself at the bottom of the scoreboard.

While many viewers had distain for Frey, there were enough rooting for the “warrior” known for her painted-on leopard spots to have kept her on for as long as they did.

There’s no question whether Frey had the best voice on the show. She didn’t. But she did have a pizazz, sex appeal and stage presence that many of “The X Factor” contenders lack, regardless of their impeccable voices.

CeCe Frey’s elimination really hit her mentor, Demi Lovato, hard. After hearing that her student would be going home, Lovato burst into tears.

It’s been clear to "X Factor" fans that Lovato had taken a liking to Frey by posing in personal photos with her and posting them on Twitter and Instagram.

Lovato even rocked Frey’s signature painted-on leopard spots Thursday to show her support.

But not everyone was as keen on Frey as Lovato. When the “warrior” got sent home “CeCe” and “Finally CeCe” instantly became trending topics on Twitter.


“CECE JUST GOT FRYED,” @bieberauhlss tweeted.

@TeamPayzer posted, “SO DEMI CRIES C R I E S WHEN CECE LEAVES BUT WHEN JENNEL LEAVES ITS "OH WELL BYE," referring to how Lovato was closer with Frey than other contestants.

“demi and cece should go home this week double elimination,”

@earthtogrimmy shared.

@KerronClement wroted, “OMG yes.. Cece Frey got sent home. Its about time. #XFactor she was horrible and a lil surprise she lasted that long on the show”

Frey’s elimination was followed by a performance by superstar Ke$ha. At the time many were confused about whether Frey had actually been sent home considering the physical resemblance.

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