Cee Lo Green's pink Cockatoo is the latest talent to hit The Voice, already getting more attention than the show itself.

The Voice coach spent the first season of the show accompanied by a snow-white cat named Purrfect. But it seems she was only a one-hit wonder as Green told People magazine that he would be accompanied by a salmon-hued Moluccan cockatoo named Lady, in the next season.

Lady's name says it all, Green told People magazine. She's my little lady with a big opinion. Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike.

When asked where he met Lady Green said, I met her flying around in a fantasy of mine. She was wild and free just as I'd like to be! Birds of a feather we are.

Moluccan Cockatoos are social birds who can be extremely affectionate; however, they can develop behavioral problems if given too much attention, according to iTalk Bird Trainer. They can be extremely manipulative and can get emotional if separated from their owners or mates.

A teaser video for The Voice featuring Lady shows an extremely tame and affectionate bird. Fans can follow her on Twitter @ceeloslady. Her first tweets were: SQUAWK, I mean tweet.

Meanwhile, Purrfect doesn't seem to be too upset about being replaced. Have to say, [Lady] is pretty ... for a bird, she tweeted. Don't see HER in Papa Cee Lo Green's lap now do ya?'

The Voice fans have had missed reactions about the bird. I refuse to watch The Voice until Cee Lo gets rid of his creepy-eyed bird. Not even Adam's hotness will get me to watch. This is no Joke, tweets Chelsey

Cee Lo debuts new pink cockatoo...so pretty. And the bird's nice too! HA! Love you, Cee Lo, tweets Dalyah.

The Voice will kick off its first fall cycle with a two hour premiere on Sept. 10.