Celebrity Apprentice
Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore will get heated in Monday's new "Celebrity Apprentice" episode. NBC

With precious few weeks left until a single winner is crowned, NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” is starting to get more heated than ever. In the sixth episode, the feud between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox gets so intense that it will lead to one of the most explosive boardrooms ever.

According to the show’s episode synopsis, the teams will be tasked with creating a “photo bomb” and a hashtag campaign. After that, the second hour will see them create a 30-second beverage jingle.

The real reason to tune in will be the ever-growing feud between Moore and Fox. It all began last week when the two were paired together on a task led by Kate Gosselin. Moore took issue with being sent out with Vivica to shop for supplies, feeling that her expertise and talents would be better spent making their project look more luxurious. Unfortunately Gosselin's team ended up losing and, despite one of the most intense boardrooms of the season between Fox and Moore, Trump made the controversial decision to fire Gosselin.

With the rift between the two women just as deep as ever – their feelings for each other look like they’ll culminate in “Phonegate.” According to the episode preview, Fox will accuse someone (Moore) of stealing her phone to send some questionable tweets. The preview, posted below, doesn’t show much about what’s going on, but it does tease one of the most shocking boardroom decisions yet.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Donald Trump himself teased this week’s episode as being one of the greatest in the show’s history. He even went as far as to invoke the name of resident Season 1 heel Omarosa Manigault to compare her to the Moore/Fox feud.

Check out the preview video below to get a glimpse of what’s in store for viewers when the episode airs on Monday, Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.