“Celebrity Big Brother” runner-up Ross Mathews still can’t believe how Shannon Elizabeth, a self-confessed super fan, would vote based on her emotions.

Last week, the “American Pie” actress voted for Marissa Jaret Winokur and said that she’s voting for the person who was slightly more honest to her. During an interview with Gold Derby, Mathews said that he tried to talk to Elizabeth after the show, but she refused to have a conversation with him.

Mathews, who also happens to be a “Big Brother” super fan, said that if Elizabeth would’ve backdoored him, he wouldn’t have negative feelings towards her. Instead, she would appreciate the game move, because they are aware that he could win it all.

If he will be given the opportunity to talk to Elizabeth, Mathews said that he will hug him and give him a complete “Big Brother” box set from Season 1 to 19 and ask her to watch every single episode. This way, Elizabeth would realize that houseguests that backdoor big threats in the game deserve to win.

Meanwhile, Mathews also talked about Omarosa Manigault and said that he was impressed with the way she played the game. Even though they were at each other’s throats most of the time, Manigault definitely gave the game her all.

“I mean she won two HOHs, she got out the biggest threat in the house. Other than me, and I think I played a way better game than Omarosa, I think she was second,” he said.

But even if he was impressed with Manigault, Mathews admitted that he wouldn’t have taken her to the end. “I was never going to take her to the end because I didn’t want to win like that. But I loved going toe-to-toe with her. It was sort of like a badge of honor. Love her or hate her, she is the best of the best at doing this,” he said.