Kelly Osbourne first became well known as Ozzy Osbourne’s chubby daughter, but over the years she has taken control of her diet and ultimately lost 70 pounds.

To share the secrets of her weight-loss success, she met with nutritionists, physicians, and trainers to create the so-called Kelly Osbourne Hollywood Diet.

According to the celebrity-fueled FitPerez, the “Fashion Police” television star said, "Healthy living has transformed my life, and I'm so excited to be able to help anyone else who is motivated and ready to transform their own life in the same way."

For those who want to know how Osbourne transformed her life, check out some of her tips:

-- Eat every two to three hours.

-- Don’t shop for food when you are feeling hungry.

-- Don’t cook when you are feeling hungry because you will pick while you are cooking.

-- Make your lunches in a batch for the whole week. Labeling each, pack it in Tupperware and put in a freezer, taking it out to use as needed.

-- Don't eat only to get full! This is a bad habit.

-- Don’t skip meals.

-- Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

-- Have any dressing, gravy, or sauce on the side.

-- Do not cut back on calories, as you will be doing exercise, so you will need the food for energy.

-- If you make and eat the meals that have been chosen and take part in the exercises that have been advised, you will be on course to lose between one and two pounds a week.

Osbourne has shared her weight-loss knowledge just in time for those who made New Year's resolutions to get fit for 2013. She also provided some recipes for healthy cooking, which can be found at FitPerez.