• Cervical cancer affects a lot of women in the UK
  • Fortunately, there is one jab that could reduce the risk of many women
  • Health experts say this is better than 2 or 3 jabs

Cervical cancer is considered by many women as one of the deadliest diseases that could affect them. This is why doctors also continuously try to find ways and means on how to treat patients. Fortunately, there is now an available vaccine that could potentially lower the risk of women.

Known as the HPV vaccine, researchers have stated that one single jab of this vaccine could reduce the risk of women by more than 1/3. This is a considerable number. Researchers likewise stated that one treatment of the HPV vaccine is more effective than having 2 or 3 jabs.

As per the report on Express, the World Health Organization had a goal of eliminating cervical cancer. With the emergence of the HPV vaccine, this goal of WHO may now become a bit easier and achievable.

cervical cancer hpv vaccine one jab
cervical cancer hpv vaccine one jab whoismargot - Pixabay

This analysis made by researchers was based on a study that involved 133,082 girls and women. Half of this group received immunizations. Among the age group of 15 to 19, those who received a single jab had the lowest rate of development of abnormal growths. The rate for those who got a single jab was 1.62. Those who received two jabs had 1.99. On the other hand, those who received three were at 1.86.

For the group who did not receive any vaccination, they had higher rates at 2.65%. As per the results, the risk of developing cervical cancer was literally cut by a huge number. For those with one jab, the risk was reduced by 36%. Those with two jabs had a 28% reduction, and those with three jabs had a 34% reduction.

As per the doctor from the University of Texas, Dr. Ana Rodriguez, she emphasized the importance of educating parents on how vital it is for children to be vaccinated.

For the past 10 years, schoolgirls in the UK received HPV vaccines when they were between 12 and 13 years of age. This was done to counter cervical cancer. In the UK, the said disease is the second most common type that affects women below 35 years old.

According to health experts, one way that you can prevent HPV is to use a condom during sex and to avoid smoking. Of course, getting HPV vaccine can greatly help.