Works towards a six-figure career as a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Works towards a six-figure career as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Pixabay

When it comes to picking a career path, the idea of being financially stable in the long-run is likely the most important factor. That's why so many people turn to careers in accounting, asset management, corporate finance, and more to ensure a dependable salary that can grow upward of $153,000 a year, on average, depending on the nature and industry of the position.

But before you set off on this respected new career path, there's one small yet important hurdle to get over: your Corporate Financial Analyst certification. This rigorous three-level exam may seem daunting but it can open doors to some very financially rewarding positions. For example, with the appropriate credentials, you could land a CFA job working for foundations or trusts, earning you a potential $100,000 salary. Even a CFA position based in a hospital can make around $92,000 a year. And that's just the half of it.

And while finding time for exam prep can seem next to impossible, there are online learning aids that take the pressure off studying, like this All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle. Jam-packed with 9 courses and over 20 hours of enriching content pertaining to some of the world's most booming industries, you'll be well-equipped to pass the first level of the CFA exam, no problem. And the best part? You never have to step foot in a classroom.

All of the prep program's courses are designed to take the mystery out of the CFA exam so there won't be any surprises come test day. You'll have access to hundreds of typical test questions in the courses' multiple mock exams, along with detailed answers so that you can really hone in on any of your weak spots. And with the help of informative, easy-to-follow lectures from highly experienced CFA and instructor, James Forjan, you'll develop a wide range of important skills, including how to provide investment advice and interpret financial statements, as well as master economic fundamentals.

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