• Denji transforms into a new brutal form
  • Denji rips apart the Hell Devil
  • "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 84 is scheduled to release Sunday

Denji's gory new form was unveiled in the last chapter when he ripped apart the Hell Devil. "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 84 is likely to address the final moments of the previous chapter and delve deeper into who Denji is.

The aggressive and violent form of Denji hints that he might be one of the strongest, despite being a hybrid. But it is highly unlikely Denji is a pure Chainsaw Devil. "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 84 is set to address Makima and Kishibe's fate after what transpired in the last chapter.

Chapter 83 of "Chainsaw Man" opens with Makima getting dressed for the day. She takes Denji, who looks tired, down the hallway. In the corridor, deceased demons kneel to them. Fans can see Power, Beam, Seraphim, Galgali, Dominion, Virtue, Princi and Angel kneeling to Denji.

She explains she had her differences in faith with them, but they fought and died to protect him. She adds they are waiting for the day of resurrection and before she could complete her sentence, an RPG hits the corridor.

The next panel shows two men from the Devil Hunter's group – Anti Makima Squad. Kishibe, the leader of the squad, orders his men to die by suicide and summon the Hell Devil.

After the Saito and Suzuki squad breach the corridor and shoot Makima. The Anti Makima Squad members slit their throats and call the Hell Devil to kill Makima and throw her into the depths of hell.

Makima commands Denji to save her. Denji's intestines rip out of his body and throttle him. In the meantime, the Devil Hunters perish outside the building as the Hell Devil awakens in his flame-like form.

Elsewhere, Denji, who is standing on the corpses, pulls his plug to transform into this new brutal form with several arms and chainsaws. After transforming, Denji jumps to attack the Hell Devil and slices it. The next chapter is expected to pick things from the last panel as Denji's new form wreaks havoc.

"Chainsaw Man" Chapter 84 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the manga chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.

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