A drunken night out results in one team’s elimination, and that’s far from the only surprise “The Challenge: Rivals 3” stars encountered in episode 8. Relive Wednesday’s episode of the MTV series below.

The Fall Heard ‘Round the House

The cast goes out for a night of drinking, and Tony makes it clear he’s still not a fan of his teammate Camila. Tony admits to Devin, who has feelings for Camila, that he “hates” his partner.

Back at the house, Camila falls after colliding with Vince, and she blames him for the mishap. She gets angry when she witnesses him and his cousin, Johnny Bananas, laugh at her reaction to hurting her knee. When Camila calls the two men “bullies” after seeing them re-enact her fall, Johnny wakes up Tony, who passed out after a night of drinking, saying it served as entertainment.

“Tony, you need to go put her to bed, dude. Tell this b---- she needs to f---ing shut it down,” Bananas says.

The Fight to End All Fights

When Tony finds Camila, he advises her to go bed, but she refuses. Camila asks Tony if he’s going to “break some eggs again,” as he did in episode 7, and he gets in her face.

“Shut the f--- up, man,” he says to Camila. She goes on to remind him that they’re partners and the other teams want them to fight, but it doesn’t result in any resolution.

When Camila says she’s partnered with the “dumbest f----ing piece of s---” in the house, Tony reacts by kicking a garbage can near her and cornering her against a wall. Camila asks Tony if he’s going to punch her, but Devin pulls him away before anything escalates. When Tony tells Devin he wishes he had a “better partner,” Camila throws a glass in his direction.

“You’re lucky I’m your partner!” Camila yells as Devin and Jamie carry Tony out of the room. Nany and Nicole also try to restrain Camila, but she refuses to let them touch her.

“I hate my partner. I f---ing hate her, dude,” Tony tells Devin. Devin calls the fight an “ugly violent episode” and reminds Tony he can never back a female into a corner.

Surprise Elimination

The next day, host T.J. Lavin arrives and rounds up the cast for a surprise meeting. T.J. calls Camila and Tony’s behavior the previous night “completely unacceptable” and tells them to pack their bags and leave.

Camila says he’s overwhelmed and saddened by the turn of events and feels cheated. “I hope Tony goes home and figures his s--- out. Tony’s a great person when he’s sober, but he’ll go from zero to 100 in the snap of a finger. He can do some serious damage if he doesn’t get that under control,” she says.

Tony says he didn't see his elimination coming and does not remember the fight. He adds he’ll try not to let his future partner get the best of him if he ever gets another chance on the show.

Ultimately, Johnny says he feels responsible for what happened and feels terribly for Tony having to go home.


That night, Wes drops some bad news on the cast. He reads a text message which says the next challenge starts in 20 minutes. Nany says she’s surprised because having a challenge like this is unprecedented.

The cast finds themselves in the jungle, where T.J. congratulates everyone on making it to the halfway mark. He announces a challenge called Up All Night, which has the teams standing on a series of boxes. Every few hours they will hear an air horn and move down to the new, smaller box. He says the process will continue all night long. T.J. tells the cast they must pay attention during the game, hinting the game is also mental, and Sarah says she’s definitely paying attention to that clue.

T.J. reveals that not only will the winning team will be safe from elimination, they will also win $1,000 each and a day trip.

Let the (Mind) Games Begin!

When the game starts, a mariachi band arrives to annoy the cast by playing the same song over and over. After an hour, a man, who appears to be part of the show’s crew, swings from some construction poles. Cory notices the back of his shirt says “Hot 87.3” and Sarah also recognizes the radio station clue, saying she’s logging everything that’s been happening.

The silliness continues with a man on a motorcycle arriving at midnight, another man being lit on fire at 1 a.m., the cast being delivered tacos, a man chasing another man with a chainsaw, a sword juggler act, and cast photos with an Iguana named Alberto.

Finally, at 10:30 a.m. the next morning, T.J. comes back and tells the cast the challenge is only just beginning. He reveals that the boxes they were standing on contain puzzle pieces. He tells them they must arrange the puzzle pieces in order of the eight events that happened during the night and answer trivia questions about the bizarre acts. The episode ends as the teams find their puzzle pieces.

Who do you think will be the winning team? Sound off in the comments action below! The next episode of “The Challenge: Rivals 3” airs Wednesday, June 29, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.