• Chef Aaron May said the D'Amelio sisters' snail drama was “blown out of proportion”
  • He added it was the production team’s idea to feed Dixie and Charli D'Amelio snails to get them to react
  • Charli was also criticized after playfully complaining about not reaching 100 million TikTok followers

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s personal chef, Aaron May, has addressed the controversy stirred by the TikTok stars' alleged rude and disrespectful actions toward him when he served them dinner.

The D’Amelio sisters recently faced backlash after they gagged and made faces in front of the Food Network star when they found that the paella he served them contained snails, a common ingredient of the traditional version of the dish.

Dixie had been quick to respond to the criticism and clarified that it was all in good humor, something that May confirmed when the paparazzi caught up with him Wednesday. 

Speaking about the incident, the chef told The Hollywood Fix that the production team thought it would be a good idea to serve Dixie and Charli snails during the family dinner. He further explained that they expected the sisters to react, which is exactly what happened.

“You know, somebody on production thought it would be funny to feed Dixie and Charli snails,” May said. “They didn’t take it the best. I love Dixie and Charli. I’ve worked with them before, I’m gonna work with them again. I think it’s a little blown out of proportion.”

Addressing the criticisms Dixie and Charli received over the video, May emphasized that they were just having fun on set.

“I would call it ‘fake news.’ Those girls are the greatest. I love them. It was all fun and games,” he said.

In a YouTube video posted Monday titled “Dinner with the D’Amelios,” May had prepared a multicourse meal that included a fresh salad and seafood paella for the sisters, their parents, Marc D’Amelio and Heidi D’Amelio, and their special guest, James Charles.

While Charli seemed to mock the chef by making faces, Dixie appeared to vomit at the table after trying the snail she found in her paella. Dixie proceeded to dramatically run outside to throw up as her younger sister, who is the most-followed person on TikTok, asked if she could have “dino nuggets” instead.

Dixie and Charli have lost hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok since the video was released, with netizens accusing them of being “rude” and “disrespectful.”

Charli also recently came under fire after she playfully complained about not reaching 100 million TikTok followers by her one-year anniversary on the app. Fans called her out for being “ungrateful” and perceiving her supporters as just “numbers.”

The TikTok superstar, during an Instagram Live stream Thursday, broke down crying and asked her followers to watch their words.

“I know that this is gonna be a huge joke to whoever sees it, but like, at the end of the day, just, like, be nice,” she said, referencing death threats she has received. “I feel like it’s not that hard, and you can say whatever. You can say I’m disrespectful, you can say I don’t have basic human decency, but at the end of the day, I’m still a person.”

Dixie D'Amelio TikTok and Social Media star Dixie D'Amelio Photo: Dixie D'Amelio/Instagram