Charlie Sheen will once again open up about being HIV-positive in an interview on the "Dr. Oz Show." The two-part special will be the first time Sheen's commented on his diagnosis since revealing he has the disease during a November interview with Matt Lauer. 

On Wednesday's "Watch What Happens Live," Dr. Oz told host Andy Cohen that he and Sheen are on a "chase" to find a cure for HIV. 

"We're going to take some untraveled roads together looking for it,” he said.

The interview, which airs Monday Jan. 11, will also be an opportunity for the former "Anger Management" star to prove that he's "turning over a new leaf,” reports Page Six.

"[They] spoke about alternative ways to better his health in addition to taking his medication. And they also had a heart-to-heart about other lifestyle changes,” an insider told the outlet. “Oz is a real doctor first before a TV host, and [Sheen] feels comfortable opening up to him.”

The outlet also reported that the interview will show Sheen’s "daily routine," which includes jogging and yoga. 

In a sneak peek of the interview, Sheen, 50, told Dr. Oz that being diagnosed with HIV was the "most difficult thing [he has] ever tried to tackle." 

"This disease chose the wrong person," Sheen declared. 

As previously reported, the actor told Lauer during their "Today" show interview that he was diagnosed with HIV about four years ago. 

Dr. Oz's exclusive interview with Sheen will air Jan. 11 on the "Dr. Oz Show." Click here to find out what time the show will air in your area.