Was Charlie Sheen drunk at Friday's Guns N' Roses concert in Los Angeles? (PHOTO: Screen Capture / TMZ).

Charlie Sheen has never been shy about speaking his mind in public -- especially when the paparazzi are near.

Friday's Guns N' Roses concert in Los Angeles was no different.

After the show, held at the Palladium, the 46-year-old, who appeared drunk, but somewhat composed, gave his own review and asked everyone's favorite question.

All I'm gonna say is . . . guys, relax, everybody chill . . . OK, where's Slash? Sheen asks, in a video filmed by TMZ.

Guys? This is billion dollar worldwide concert. Period. The end, he continues, as his car pulls up.

Sheen has a point there. The Guns N' Roses show on Friday consisted of all new members, except for the sole original, Axl Rose. Slash and company, including Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler and Duff McKagan, are not part of the tour, named Once in a Life time . . .Up Close and Personal.

In the TMZ video, Sheen goes on to share his favorite Guns N' Roses song.

'Mr. Brownstone,' he says, along with a huge grin on his face. (Fun fact: Mr. Brownstone is also a slang for heroin, as TMZ points out).

Imagine that! 'Rocket Queen' is a masterpiece, he adds.

Sheen's public Guns N' Roses post mortem is the latest headline the former Two and a Half Men star has made in recent weeks.

On Mar. 10, Sheen took to his WhoSay account to post a photo of him and Denise Richards, along with their two daughters.

Epic night at D's with family celebrating Sam's 8th birthday..! Morgan wore 8, Berra wore 8...And now Sam is 8..! #winning, he wrote in the caption.

The week before, the exes were also spotted together for daughter Sam's soccer game in LA.

Scroll down to watch Charlie Sheen's semi-drunk review of the Guns N' Roses concert this weekend, courtesy of TMZ.