Charlie Sheen, who was born Carlos Estevez, is credited with his birth name in Robert Rodriguez’s new film “Machete Kills.” The news about his name broke in May, but many Twitter users learned of it for the first time when they saw the trailer for the movie.

The film is set to come out on Oct. 11 and literally introduces the already-established star with a different name. Some people joked that Estevez looks just like Sheen, some were proud and some were confused why he was going by a different name. After all, the “Anger Management” star has been going by Charlie Sheen professionally for about 30 years.

His brother Emilio Estevez has used his birth name throughout his career, but, like their father, Charlie Sheen has used a stage name. Martin Sheen, whose real name is Ramon Estevez, changed his name when he began working in Hollywood in the 1950s. The patriarch of the family of Irish and Spanish descent made the move because he believed it would be easier for him to get acting jobs without a Spanish name. He got the name “Sheen” from Roman Catholic Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, thus creating “Martin Sheen” due to the fact everyone he knew said he looked Irish, as he explained on “Inside The Actors Studio.”

Ironically, Charlie Sheen once said in an interview that he never embraced being Spanish, although he regrets not learning the language. “I wish I spoke more Spanish. I’m sure I can learn, but there hasn’t been a lot of time lately,” Sheen said during an interview with Univision in June of last year. “It was never a part of my life growing up. My parents never infused it into our household.”

“I don’t wake up feeling Latino. I’m a white guy in America,” Charlie Sheen added. “I was born in New York and grew up in Malibu.”

Check out some of the Twitter user reactions to the Charlie Sheen/Carlos Estevez name change below: