Singapore police are investigating after a half-burnt body of a fetus was found in a metal pot in an apartment Wednesday.

Police responded to the apartment complex after they “were alerted to a case of unnatural death.” The officers searched the apartment and interviewed the residents of the complex. Police left the apartment a few hours later with a metal pot. Local reports said a fetus corpse was found in a “charred” condition inside the pot.

Residents said there had been an unusual and pungent odor in the corridor for about a week before the officers arrived.

“I don’t know how to describe it, but the smell was unsettling. It is something I have never smelled before,” a resident said, adding that police interviewed her and asked her if she had heard anyone arguing.

Residents told the officers that two brothers were living in the apartment for four months now. The elder brother was in the prison, making the younger sibling the sole occupant. Neighbors said the man rarely left home and had intellectual disabilities.

“Whenever I walked past, his gate and door would be open, and he would often be watching television and laughing loudly to himself,” a resident said. Some residents also felt the apartment was rented out illegally.

Officers were also informed about a young woman who frequently visited the brothers. A married couple with many young children had lived in the apartment before the brothers occupied it. Police were looking at interviewing the couple to assist in further investigation. Officials were unable to identify the dead fetus or confirm when the incident took place.

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