Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas 2019 event continues Tuesday night with another Thanksgiving week premiere.

“Check Inn to Christmas,” starring Rachel Boston (“The Last Bridesmaid”) and Wes Brown (“Over The Moon In Love”), airs tonight and will give viewers another take on the Romeo and Juliet-esque romance.

“When New York City lawyer Julia Crawley (Boston) returns to her Rocky Mountain hometown and her family’s lovely inn for the holidays, she finds herself at the center of a generations-old feud with the family that runs the town’s other inn,” the synopsis reveals. “As the ongoing competition between the two inns escalates, ‘forbidden’ romance blossoms between Julia and Ryan Mason (Brown), whose family runs the inn that is her family’s big competitor.”

hallmark check inn to christmas synopsis Catch Wes Brown and Rachel Boston in Hallmark Channel’s “Check Inn to Christmas.” Photo: Crown Media / Fred Hayes

Of the new Hallmark movie, Boston told International Business Times at Christmas Con 2019 earlier this month that “it's a really sweet story with a very hopeful ending, as well.”

She continued to IBT: “I play a corporate attorney in New York and just watching her open her eyes back up to the town where she grew up in, I always find stories like that — where you’ve been away for a long time and you’re starting to see something through different eyes, like the town hasn’t changed but your vision of it has… those kinds of scenes that are like a new awakening, they’re always really fun to shoot.”

The cast of the new Hallmark Christmas movie, which was directed by Sam Irvin and written by Anna White, also includes Richard Karn (Tim), Christopher Cousins (Bill) and Tim Reid (Blake).

“Check Inn to Christmas” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.