A female chef claimed to have "spiked" a vegan customers' meal Saturday at the Carlini, an Italian restaurant in the English town of Shifnal, Shropshire. The customers received a simple pizza that was topped with mozzarella cheese, which is not vegan-friendly. 

Laura Goodman, a 47-year-old chef, received a wave of death threats and bad feedback for the restaurant she co-owns with her fiancé — Michael Gale — after claiming to have spiked a group of vegan and vegetarian eater's food, according to the Huffington Post UK. Goodman reportedly grew angry after spending hours preparing a specialized menu for the group, who then decided to order off the restaurants standard menu. 

"Pious, judgmental vegan (who I spent all day cooking for) has gone to bed, still believing she's a vegan," Goodman wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post shared on a page dubbed "The Boring Group," according to BBC News. Goodman later added that she "spiked a vegan" a few hours prior to hopping on Facebook. 

Many people in the group responded to and claimed that Goodman's apparent actions were "mean" and "disgusting and unacceptable," BBC News reported. One vegan commenter went as far to suggest that Goodman "should be charged with assault," according to the Telegraph

Higher-ups from Carlini confirmed Wednesday that Goodman is no longer employed with the establishment, as Gale claimed the incident was simply a "misunderstanding."

"Laura had spoken to them before they came in and had suggested some dishes they might like to try which they said they would be happy to order," Gale told the Telegraph. "But instead when they did come in they only ordered two dishes off the standard menu, a roasted cauliflower dish and a Margherita pizza, which obviously has buffalo mozzarella cheese."

The Shropshire Council, which is the local authority of Shropshire in England, intends to investigate the series of complaints made against Goodman's apparent misconduct towards a party of vegan customers.  

"We have received complaints in relation to this matter and are currently investigating," a spokesperson for the Shropshire Council told the Evening Standard. "We're therefore unable to comment further at this time."