A newlywed couple and the mother-of-the-bride filed a lawsuit against their wedding vendors on Dec. 22 after alleging that there was a breach of contract following their May ceremony. The complaint about the surprise vegan wedding in St. Paul, Minnesota, detailed how the three vendors managed to allegedly ruin the event. 

Siara Zee Elovich Williams and her husband Kevin Williams claimed to have informed vendors Mintahoe, Inc., A'Bulae, LLC. and Bellagala "that they did not want their wedding guests to know they were eating an entirely plant-based meal," according to KSTP, an ABC affiliate in St. Paul. While the lawsuit reportedly stated that the vendors were "absolutely contingent" on providing "delicious" vegan meal to attendees, it alleged that servers told guests they were prohibited from having soy sauce or coffee because it didn't follow the vegan theme. 

"The food and service at the wedding was horrific," the lawsuit stated, according to KSTP. The legal documents even deemed the meal as a "disaster" because the tofu that was intended to be crispy was served raw, the curry was seemingly unidentifiable, the noodles were mushy and overcooked, the sauce was too sweet and the flatbread pizza was described as inedible, among other food-related issues.

The court documents also assert that further complications arose ahead of the couple's wedding day. The couple reportedly worked closely with a particular Mintahoe chef to achieve their desired Thai vegan meal, but the cook was no longer employed with the company by their wedding day.

The lawsuit further alleged that the couple came across the unemployment information accidentally, KSTP reported.

The lawsuit also claimed that one guest with celiac disease fell very ill, the pastry chef took home leftovers from the vegan cake that was ordered off-site and that the open bar was  "disastrous," among an assortment of other complaints. 

The couple and the bride's mother are seeking $21,721 for all seven counts of breach of contract, KSTP reported. This amount totals out to $152,047. 

The Williams' aren't the only couple to find themselves in a legal battle following their wedding ceremony.

Los Angeles-based celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss sued Washington couple Joan and Bernard Carl in February for behind-the-scenes events that took place during the $1 million multi-day wedding for the Carls' daughter. The lawsuit sought more than $340,000 in unpaid fees and expenses alongside $1.4 million in damages, according to the Washington Post

In July, a married couple in Dallas was ordered to pay their wedding photographer $1.08 million in damages after launching a publicized defamation campaign against her. 

Most famously, Colorado bakery Masterpiece Cakeshop was sued by a gay couple in 2012 after it refused to bake a cake for the pair's wedding because it wasn't a cause the owner supported. The case is pending before the Supreme Court.

Representatives for Mintahoe, Inc., A'Bulae, LLC and Bellagala did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.