Chester Bennigton and Talinda Ann Bentley
Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington and wife Talinda Ann Bentley arrive at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, May 20, 2012. Reuters/Steve Marcus

UPDATE: 1:17 a.m. EDT — After the tweets posted from Talinda Ann Bentley’s official Twitter account that said Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington did not kill himself were deleted Friday, another tweet was posted from the account that read she “encouraged him to kill himself I (sic) told him no one cared.”

It remains unclear whether she actually posted the tweets or whether her Twitter account was hacked.

Original Story:

Tweets posted from the official account of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington's wife Talinda Ann Bentley on Friday suggested her husband “didn’t kill himself,” and the latter cheated on him with bandmate Mike Shinoda. The tweets were deleted later.

The tweets were posted hours after 41-year-old Bennington was found dead at his Los Angeles home in an apparent case of suicide. His family is yet to issue an official statement on his death.

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Shinoda, Linkin Park’s rhythm guitarist, is yet to respond to the tweet. Ann Bentley followed the first tweet with another tweet that said: “he was already did before he hung himself, I have proof..” It's not clear what her tweet meant.

Ann Bentley’s third tweet then mentioned she “never really loved him."

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A social media user said her account was apparently hacked.

Another user expressed remorse over the vocalist's death

Bennington and Ann Bentley got married in 2005 after his divorce from his first wife Samantha Marie Olit was finalized. The couple lived with their children — son Tyler Lee Bennington and twins Lilly and Lila — in Gilbert, Arizona. Bennington has three other children —son Jaime from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend Elka Brand, adopted son Isaiah, and son Draven from his first wife.

Ann Bentley — a former Playboy model — regularly posted tweets and photos of her husband while he was away on musical tours. Most recently, she posted a photo of herself along with one of their daughters July 6, saying they missed Bennington — who was on tour.

She also called Bennington the “man of her dreams” when she wished him on Father’s Day on June 18.

Shortly after she wed Bennington, Ann Bentley was harassed by a cyberstalker Devon Townsend. In 2008, Townsend was sentenced to two years in jail. During the cyberstalking incident, Ann Bentley said she could trust no one except her husband. “I didn’t know who to trust. I literally only trusted my husband. Our family and closest friends were all suspects,” she said.

Ann Bentley is yet to issue a statement following her husband’s death. Shinado has been the only person so far close to Bennington who confirmed the Linkin Park frontman’s death. He wrote on Twitter: “Shocked and heartbroken, but it's true. An official statement will come out as soon as we have one.”

Linkin Park is scheduled to start the American leg of their promotional tour for their seventh album “One More Light” on July 27. It remains unclear whether the group will still go on with planned concert without their frontman.