• Henry Capouch, 30, was vacationing in Florida with his girlfriend
  • He attacked the bar employee who tried to stop him from peeing in the ice
  • Capouch was relieved of his job pending an internal affairs investigation

A vacationing police officer from Chicago was arrested in Florida after he allegedly shoved a bar worker who caught him and tried to stop him from urinating in the ice machine.

Officer Henry Capouch, 30, was at Jimmy B's Bar at the Beachcomber Hotel in St. Pete, Florida when the incident occurred on Dec. 5 at 12:30 a.m. ET. According to the complaint and arrest affidavit at Pinellas County, a bar employee saw Capouch "pissing" on the ice in the machine, CBSNews reported.

The officer began using derogatory words and pushed the employee with both hands "a couple of times" the report said. Capouch also pushed a security guard at the bar who saw him shoving the employee.

The local police were contacted, and upon arrival, the guard and the employee directed them to Capouch who was at St. Pete Beach with his girlfriend. He was detained, Initially, the cop was actively resisting arrest and not obeying law commands before the Florida police managed to detain him.

Capouch, who had been with the Chicago Police for five years, was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.

The complaint document obtained by WFLA says Capouch kept yelling and kept standing when told to sit multiple times by law enforcement. The affidavit notes that he showed an "indication of alcohol influence." He was charged with simple battery and left the jail early Monday morning on a $500 bond.

A spokesman for the Chicago PD told WGN that Capouch was relieved from his job in the wake of the arrest and charges, pending an investigation into his alleged behavior by Internal Affairs.

No further details about the case were made available. Law enforcement in Florida continues to remain tight-lipped on the incident that led to Capouch's arrest, ABC7 reported.

While the situation sounds unusual, incidents like these are not uncommon. In October, a janitor from Houston was accused of urinating into the employee water dispenser at work. He was caught after a female employee set up a camera and caught the culprit dipping his genitals in her bottle on two separate occasions. The footage was submitted to the police, after which 13 people came forward with similar complaints.

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