“Chicago Fire” will be airing an all-new episode next Tuesday. And according to the synopsis for episode 5, “The Nuclear Options,” the situation is about to heat up for our friends at Station 51 -- both on and off of the job.

Lieutenant Casey (Jesse Spencer) will find himself in the middle of a fallout with his sister, Christie (Nicole Forester), over her messy impending divorce. But soon he’ll have larger problems to face when the life of his fiancée is threatened.

The promo video for episode 5 teases that Dawson (Monica Raymund), a new candidate to Engine 51, will find herself in a tricky situation when a scorching fire requires her and Casey to belay down the side of burning building.

“I got a problem. This cable – it’s not working,” she says to Casey in midair while climbing down a six-story building. But all Casey has to offer his wife-to-be are a few encouraging words. “Come on, Gabby. You can do this,” he says, as their team below looks up with worried expressions. But a stuck cable won’t be the only problem the couple will face. They’ll be trapped next to a window, which will burst open due to the flames, causing them to violently swing around. Let’s just hope these two can hold on for their dear lives.

The remainder of episode 5 will focus around the story line of Brett (Kara Kilmer) unable to decide if she wants to leave Chicago. Her fiancé Harrison showed up in episode 4, apologizing for running out on their wedding. He then begged for her forgiveness in front of the whole station, pleading for her to leave Chicago and return to their former life. In addition, Molly’s crew will still be attempting to figure out how to launch their food truck business in next week's episode.

What do you think will happen in episode 5 of “Chicago Fire”? Sound off with your predictions in the comments section below before “The Nuclear Option” airs Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 10 p.m. EDT.