California police are on the lookout for a man who was refused service at a chicken-and-waffle restaurant for not wearing a face mask. He ran afoul of the law by showing up later, with a gun but no mask, to place a more forceful order.

Authorities claim the suspect was refused service at a Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena. He was told he could come back for service if he wore a face mask, but instead returned through the back door, armed and demanding all the chicken in the restaurant.

"He comes straight toward me with a gun, pointing at me and saying put all the chicken in the bag," a restaurant cook, Robert Gonzalez, was quoted by local KABC as saying.

Nobody was hurt in the incident. Pasadena police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are on the lookout for the suspect who fled the scene in a light-colored sedan. Video footage show the suspect as a bearded man with dark skin, light-colored pants and a dark shirt.

There's also one other dead giveaway. The suspect may also be carrying several take-out bags of chicken.

“I understand our chicken is good, but, I mean, that’s some expensive chicken he’s got there,” Gonzalez was quoted by the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles as saying. “It was just pretty stupid and crazy at the same time.”

The incident is reminiscent of past crimes committed by suspects flouting mandates issued during the pandemic. In December, a robber looted a South Carolina bank with his mask pulled to his chin, making it a bit easier for authorities to identify him after his bare face was caught on surveillance video.

Fried Chicken
Pictured: Representative image of a fried chicken product. Hsu Myat Oo/Pixabay