• Police responded to reports of an accidental shooting involving a child
  • The child had accidentally been shot themselves in the hand with an unsecured handgun
  • Sheboygan authorities are advocating for homeowners to secure their weapons from children

Police in Sheboygan are currently investigating a child gunshot wound to the hand. The injury was not life-threatening though he was transported to a children’s hospital in Milwaukee.

Police officers were called to a home near 17th street and Georgia Avenue following reports of a possible gunshot wound.

When they arrived, the authorities discovered that a young child had gotten their hands on a loaded handgun left unsecured in the home.

The weapon fired accidentally, injuring the child on their hand. An unidentified man and woman were home when it happened. Authorities are continuing with the investigation along with child protective services.

There was a press release from the department claiming it recognizes the fact residents may have weapons in their homes though they should always be stored unloaded and out of the reach of children.

They also advised the use of a trigger lock or a gun safe would be best, and injuries from guns are preventable if the owner takes the needed steps. That would be making sure children in the home or others are not able to access the weapon, loaded or not.

It is not the only incident in recent history where a child was involved in a shooting accident. Just yesterday, a three-year-old girl suffered a fatal gunshot wound in Louisville, Kentucky.

Officers were called to the home and found the child identified as Fayth Graham still alive but suffering.

She was taken to Norton’s Children’s hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

In this case, it was not clear who was at home with Fayth when the shooting occurred, but police spokesman, Dwight Mitchell, stated it was not exactly clear who was at home with Fayth when the shooting happened. The assumption at this time is the child was not home alone.

The police spokesperson also mentioned that it was too early to tell whether charges could be filed. They are still in the early stages of the investigation, and at this point, it would seem to be way down the line.

The main concern would be to find out why the young child was in the position she was to handle the weapon. The same goes for the child that was accidentally shot in Sheboygan.

Investigations are ongoing to find out the reason they found their way to the weapons. However, stringent gun control policies are being advocated as a result of the accidental gunshot cases.

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