On Tuesday, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile at 7:46 p.m. EDT, forcing evacuations across the country.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was 95 kilometers (about 60 miles) northwest off the coast of Iquique, Chile, triggering a Tsunami warning and the evacuation of thousands of people from the coastal areas of the country.

Upon landfall, the tsunami surge that landed on Chile’s coastline measured about 8.2 feet in height according to The Guardian.

Almost twelve hours after the earthquake struck off the coast of Chile, minister of interior and public security, Rodrigo Peñailillo, announced at 6:41 a.m. (7:41 a.m. EDT) on Wednesday, that the tsunami warning had finally been lifted.

According to Peñailillo, least six deaths have been attributed to the earthquake.

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet also declared a state of emergency in the northern regions of Arica, Parinacota and Tarapacá.

President Bachelet is expected to tour the disaster areas sometime on Wednesday.

While Chilean citizens are now able to return to their homes, the army and police officers have also been deployed to stop or prevent any looting that may have occurred as a result of the earthquake and evacuation.

In addition to the Chilean army’s peacekeeping role in the affected areas, they have also been tasked with tracking down 300 inmates that escaped from a women’s jail in Iquique. According to BBC News, 26 of the 300 inmates have been captured since the quake.

The full extent of damage from the 8.2M-earthquake off the coast of Chile is expected to be assessed in the coming days.

Take a closer look at the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake in photos below.