Mount Everest allowed China's largest cell phone service provider to reach new heights as a transmission station test were successfully completed on Tuesday, according to a state news agency.

China Mobile (NYSE:CHL), the largest mobile phone operator in China, will make it possible for climbers and those in 2008's Olympic torch relay to make calls, said Xinhua News Agency.

At an altitude of 21,315 feet, the company hired porters and yaks to transport equipment and material to the station site. The whole process lasted 20 days. The new station, along with two other China Mobile stations at 17,060 feet and 19,095 feet, will provide cell phone service along the entire Mount Everest climbing route, reported Xinhua.

China Mobile general manager Wang Jianzhou received a test call from a worker on Mount Everest. According to a company spokesman, the conversation was clear. The worker was quoted as saying that station's construction was incredibly difficult as the oxygen level at the site was only 38 percent of that at ground level. The station will be reassembled before the Olympic torch relay next summer.

Beijing Games Organizers plan to stage the longest torch relay in Olympic history; a 85,000-mile, 130-day route that is set to cross five continents.

China Mobile is the world's largest mobile phone operator ranked by number of subscribers, with over 349.66 million customers , as of end of September this year.