chloe and maddie
Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler are said to be working on their friendship. Lukasiak is pictured at New York Fashion Week Sept. 13, 2017 and Ziegler is photographed at the Los Angeles premiere of “Leap!” on Aug. 19. Bryan Bedder/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for G-Star RAW

Following the “Dance Moms” finale Tuesday night, Chloe Lukasiak was gifted her own special alongside her mother and co-star Christi Lukasiak. In the episode, Chloe discussed her journey on the hit Lifetime series and even touched on her troubled relationship with former teammate Maddie Ziegler.

After years of watching her daughter go head-to-head with Maddie on the show, Christi opened up about her and Chloe’s lack of friendship with Maddie and her mother, Melissa Gisoni.

“Has she talked to you since you left ‘Dance Moms’? No? Then she’s not your friend,” Christi said to Chloe when the topic of Maddie came up. But when a producer told the mother-daughter duo the “whole world” would likely enjoy seeing the two dancers be friends again, Chloe agreed.

“I would love to be friends with Maddie but I know that her mom will never let that happen because the relationship was strained even back then,” Chloe stated. “Her mom was always involved and she was friends with [coach] Abby [Lee Miller] and Abby didn’t like me. It would always just a vicious cycle. I think that if everyone else was out of it I think Maddie and I would still be very good friends.”

When asked by a producer if Christi would allow Chloe to contact Maddie, she said no. “The day we walked out of that studio Maddie was never allowed to talk to Chloe but she was allowed to lie about Chloe. In my mind, you don’t need friends like that. That’s not a friend,” Christi stated.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Christi and Melissa has been in contact with one another since the taping and were working on their friendship. Without Chloe present, Christi told the camera she talked to Melissa after both of their daughters were, once again, nominated for choice dancer at the Teen Choice Awards and noticed there was a divide among fans of the show.

“It’s nice to be back in touch with Melissa. I said I would that never allow Chloe to have a relationship with Maddie, or a friendship, and I realize that’s not my decision. That’s their decision,” Christi said.

“Chloe and Maddie have been back in touch. They’re very excited to be talking to each other. I think they have plans to get together. I think it’s a great thing for both of them.”

While its unclear what plans the two dancers had, Chloe and Maddie did reunite at the TCAs in August.

“Over the years there have been a lot of really, ugly hurtful things that have been said, both from me and by Melissa, about the girls. I think at the end of the day we’re both just moms who wanted the best for our kids. That meant that we had to go head-to-head,” Christi added.

“I think it is time that we put all of that behind us and just say, you know what, I was wrong, you were wrong, let’s just move past this and let these girls finish growing up as friends.”