Chloe Lukasiak
Lifetime shared throwback clips of Chloe Lukasiak before her return in the “Dance Moms” Season 7 finale. Lifetime

“Dance Moms” remained on the East Coast for the two-part Season 7 finale on Tuesday and two very familiar faces returned for the event.

After Lifetime showed several throwback clips of Chloe Lukasiak in episode 14, including her tumultuous final episode, she and her mother, Christi Lukasiak, discussed the possibility of making a comeback as the ALDC prepared for nationals.

“The past two years I’ve been kind of finding myself. I feel like I’ve kind of healed myself after everything I went through and I grew up. I kind of found my voice and I’m not that shy little girl in the corner anymore,” Chloe says, referencing her leave from “Dance Moms” in 2014 after overhearing coach Abby Lee Miller make fun of her appearance.

When Chloe mentions she misses dance, Christi admits she doesn’t miss the old competition days. Chloe, however, is adamant they need to “crash” the party by going to nationals, but only if Abby isn’t involved.

“If we could remove Abby from the picture that would be a whole different story,” Christi says. Chloe responds by stating the federal government may remove Abby for them, referencing her former coach’s pending bankruptcy fraud trial.

En route to the competition Christi warns Chloe they shouldn’t go in if something feels off. Chloe says she’s nervous but things will likely go well if Abby isn’t involved. Chloe acknowledges they left the team on bad terms but notes she never got a say a true goodbye.

After Chloe secretly watches the ALDC compete their group routine at Starbound Nationals with tears in her eyes, and with Abby gone for the day, the mother-daughter duo make their surprise grand entrance into the group’s dressing room. Tears immediately began flowing as Nia Sioux notices her longtime teammate. Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker are equally touched by their appearance as is Holly Frazier, who brings in Christi for a big hug.

After a brief moment to collect themselves Chloe shares her reason for the visit, revealing she is considering competing again. When Holly pleads with Chloe not to join their nemesis the Candy Apples, Christi replies they would “see” about rejoining the ALDC.

While the elite girls comment they would take Chloe back “any day” the mother-daughter duo make it clear they won’t come back to the team with Abby onboard.

In a talk with just the mothers, Christi remarks that she won’t be in a room with Abby. When Jill Vertes says Abby may soon “be in a room all by herself,” hinting at her possible prison time, Christi says that could work in her and Chloe’s favor. “As long as we can get bars between us, maybe,” she quips.

Meanwhile, Chloe lovingly reconnects with the girls, telling her fellow dancers. “I love you all. You’re my family.”

While Chloe teased her return to the ALDC in the finale a photo from the “Dance Moms” Season 8 set reveals she may be joining forces with Abby’s rival team.