Dance Moms chloe
Chloe Lukasiak, pictured at the 2016 EMA Awards in Los Angeles, will star in the “Dance Moms” Season 7 finale. Pictured on the right is the “Dance Moms” elite junior team. Getty Images/Lifetime

International Business Times reported last month that Chloe Lukasiak and her mother, Christi, filmed a cameo during the “Dance Moms” Season 7 finale, and now Lifetime has revealed footage from the highly anticipated event.

On Tuesday, the network released a super trailer for the current season showing the “Dance Moms” alum’s return to her team and the drama that follows. The end of the promo shows Chloe, 15, and Christi surprising Abby Lee Miller’s elite junior team backstage at competition.

“Who missed me?” Chloe asks and she walks through the door. “I’ve been thinking about competing again,” she adds.

While Chloe’s former teammates are brought to tears over her appearance, Abby is less than thrilled by the mother-daughter duo’s arrival. “Fire me!” she screams repeatedly as Christi, who has long had issues with Abby, looks up in surprise.

Following IBT’s appearance at the Season 7 finale taping in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on Nov. 11, Lifetime confirmed Chloe’s was at the event. Chloe did not compete with the ALDC at Starboard National Talent Competition but she was photographed backstage. When asked if Chloe’s return was permanent, Lifetime had this to say: “Just visiting... for now.”

Find out what else went down during the final taping HERE and don’t forget to tune in to “Dance Moms” on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.