• High blood cholesterol levels can wreak havoc to your health
  • It can affect your cardiovascular health and could result in worse problems
  • To combat this, you can take two proven effective supplements

Blood cholesterol is a natural part of the body. These are yellow in color and are part of the natural body processes. However, this can become a huge health problem if there would be too much of it in the blood. There are ways on how you can lower blood cholesterol. One of these ways is to take supplements that have been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels.

What is Cholesterol?

You might have heard health experts talk about how having high blood cholesterol levels can wreak havoc to your heart's health. But do you know what cholesterol really is?

According to a report in Express, cholesterol is a waxy substance that you can find in the membranes and cell walls. The brain has cholesterol, skin, liver, heart, intestines, etc. Cholesterol has many functions. One of these is its role in producing the sex hormones, as well as bile acids and vitamin D that helps a person in digesting fat.

There are two kinds of cholesterol, the good ones and the bad ones. Good cholesterol, otherwise known as LDL (low-density lipoproteins) is the bad ones that cause health problems. These are the ones that are deposited in the cells and arteries. When the cholesterol starts to build up, it causes a narrowing of the arteries.

This results in a reduced amount of blood that can pass through the heart, and also diminishes the oxygen that reaches the heart. To combat this, you can resort to supplements that lower blood cholesterol.

Fish Oil and Plant Sterols

One of the most effective supplements to lower blood cholesterol is fish oil. As per Jenna Hope, a nutritionist, numerous research suggested that fish oil could help in lowering bad cholesterol. At the same time, it helps in increasing good cholesterol levels.

cholesterol supplements fish oils
cholesterol supplements fish oils stevepb - Pixabay

Another good supplement is plant sterols. This was already approved by The European Commission in lowering bad cholesterol levels. These plant sterols help in blocking the blood's absorption of cholesterol. Hence, it limits the amount of cholesterol deposited in the body's vital organs.

Along with taking these supplements, living a healthy lifestyle is also paramount. Stay away from saturated fats, and as much as possible, make sure that you eat tons of fruits and vegetables.