Chris Brown
Recording artist Chris Brown poses at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Inglewood, California, April 3, 2016. Reuters

A week after Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, obtained a temporary domestic violence restraining order against him, the R&B singer was ordered to stay away from her best friend J. Ryan La Cour and two other pals as well. La Cour obtained the new order Tuesday against Brown, according to New York Daily News.

La Cour has said that Brown, on multiple occasions, had shown up unannounced and had made threats and caused a ruckus. La Cour said Brown "stated that no matter where we go, he will find us and shoot the place up."

Last month, Tran had filed a restraining order against Brown as he had apparently threatened to kill her. Tran alleged that he had even told a few people about it, reports said.

In the restraining order, Tran claimed that Brown had assaulted her many years back, "punched" her in the stomach twice and had pushed her down the stairs, according to E! Online.

Brown has been known for his abusive behavior. Brown's former girlfriend, Rihanna, had also suffered physical assault. In an interview with Vanity Fair in November 2015, Rihanna opened up about the consequences of the 2009 incident that resulted in her hospitalization after a fight with Brown. She reportedly had visible facial injuries too.

Brown has been ordered by court to stay 100 yards away from Tran, her mother and her brother. A judge granted a temporary stay-away order and the hearing is scheduled for March 23.

La Cour claimed Brown had bullied him in the past and directly threatened him at a Super Bowl party last month, E! Online reported.

Describing about the Super Bowl party, La Cour said, “Chris Brown ran up to me, got in my face, saying it’s 2017, Ima f--- you up every time I see you so you’d better get the f--- out of here before I lay our a-- out." He said that he began walking away to avoid further confrontation but Brown followed and later also pushed La Cour's friend and threw a drink on her face.

“Mr. Brown stated that no matter where we go, he will find us and shoot the place up,” La Cour claimed, according to E! Online. “I have done nothing to Chris for him to act this way with me. He is simply obsessed with Karrueche and willing to hurt anyone that is friends with her if he cannot have her back.”

Brown’s representatives did not comment about it Wednesday, E! Online reported.

Brown had boasted about his love life on Instagram three weeks before Tran obtained the restraining order and also indicated that he acts like a stalker.