Chris Brown went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday morning after gossip blogger Perez Hilton announced he would talk about Brown on "The Wendy Williams Show." Hilton, who has written many reports about Brown's feuds with such other celebrities as Rihanna and Drake, tweeted the following message:

Brown, 24, did not take too kindly to the tweet, and he replied with a number of his own tweets.

Brown is not the only pop star to use Twitter to feud with a another celebrity. Just last month, his ex-girlfriend Rihanna mocked singer Teyana Taylor in an Instagram video. The two then took their feud to Twitter, where Rihanna, 25, touted her net worth as being at $90 million compared to Taylor’s $500,000. Taylor, who is signed to Kanye West’s GOOD music label, responded with a photoshopped picture of her face superimposed on a boxer's head -- next to a photo of Rihanna's face covered in the bruises she received from Brown's 2009 assault on her in his a car in 2009. That image became the backgroung image for Taylor's Twitter account. She then said, "Ya net worth & ya body count go neck to neck. #IndustryP---y." "90 million dollars & 90 million n---as diving in that b---h box." Both artists eventually deleted the tweet exchange from their public accounts.