Rita Ora was criticized for collaborating with Chris Brown for her new single track, “Body on Me,” and social media users slammed the “X Factor” judge by branding her a “traitor to women.”

Ora has repeatedly defended her decision to work with Brown, who assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna hours before the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2009. Several of her fans have now accused the 24-year-old singer of betraying victims of domestic violence.

"Why did you have to work with Chris Brown? He's an abuser and a lowlife,” a social media user wrote to Ora on Twitter. Another added: "I see Rita Ora has made a song with Chris Brown . Not really sure why she wants to show her young fans that she supports domestic violence."

Other users said she was a “traitor to women” for working with the 26-year-old, whose probation in the assault case formally ended in March 2015. According to some sources, Rihanna was also upset with Ora’s decision to team up with Brown.

"There’s no lost love between them, but this is another example of what Rihanna perceives to be a lack of respect by Rita,” a source told The Sun. "Chris and Rihanna have a long history and she hit the roof when she heard about Body On Me -- especially the video."

However, some reports say that Rihanna and Brown are now on good terms after their tumultuous relationship ended in 2013. In a recent interview, Brown revealed that he still cares for Rihanna, and amid his troubles with former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, he and Rihanna were reportedly getting over their past issues, six years after he assaulted her.