Chris Brown is not over Karrueche Tran, even after their very public break up just several days ago.

“Chris has been in constant communication with Karrueche ever since she dumped him. She ended it with Chris because he was just blatantly flaunting his dalliances with Rihanna, but now he's telling how sorry he is, and how much he loves her," a source close to the former couple tells Radar Online.

Brown and Tran were together for close to two years.

"I don't want to see her [Tran] hurt over my friendship with Rihanna,” Chris Brown said last Thursday in a statement, according to TMZ.

While in New York, Rihanna and Brown were seen hanging out together several days in a row, at nightclubs and at Jay-Z’s performance at Barclays Center.

In response to his statement, as well as a video he released the same day, revealing he loved both Tran and Rihanna, Tran wrote on her twitter account, “'Wtf is going on?” And then tweeted, “All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!”

Her last tweet was “Life moves on ... So let’s all.”

And it seems that moving on is exactly what she is doing. According to TMZ, Tran was spotted heading to a club in L.A. with her girlfriends in a Porsche Panamera this weekend.