• Chris Evans played Italian composer Fabrizio Paterlini's "Rue des Trois frérès" on the piano
  • Fans praised Evans' piano skills and thanked him for introducing Paterlini's music to them
  • Paterlini said he had an "incredible day" after Evans played his piece

Chris Evans drove his fans wild in a different way Tuesday, months after the accidental leak of his nude photo caused an online frenzy.

While Evans may be best known for playing Captain America across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is also musically inclined and proficient in a number of musical instruments, including the guitar and piano.

Evans showed off his piano skills in a clip he posted to his on his Instagram Stories that shows him playing Fabrizio Paterlini's "Rue des trois frérès."

“Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini,” he wrote alongside the video, referring to the classical artist from Italy.

Evans received tons of praise from fans, who also thanked him for helping them discover Paterlini's music.

"This man is amazing! He is talented in so many ways and has great taste in music," one person commented.

"This song is hypnotic! It gives a sense of unique peace and melancholy at the same time. Thanks @ChrisEvans for sharing this moment! Congrats @f_paterlini for this masterpiece! What kind of world would it be without music???" another wrote.

"So, how many downloads of Fabrizio Paterlini’s music have there have been in the past few hours. And how many people are running for piano lessons? For this alone, thank you @ChrisEvans," a third Twitter user commented.

"Today I learned that @ChrisEvans plays the piano & likes the song Rue des Trois freres, by Fabrizio Paterlini, which he is learning how to play. Now I'm listening to Paterlini's music, & realize I really like it. Chris, can you please save some awesomeness for the rest of us? lol," another netizen tweeted.

Evans' video also caught the attention of the composer, with Paterlini taking to Twitter to send the actor a message. "Something in the air tells me that today is the day in which @ChrisEvans played one of my songs," he tweeted, adding a winking face emoji.

Some social media users who discovered the pianist's music through Evans' viral video headed over to Paterlini's Twitter to praise his work, with one writing, "Your music is amazing! Breathtaking!! I’ve been listening to it all day... I’m thankful that @ChrisEvans introduced your music to me."

While some of Evans' followers were surprised to learn that he can play the piano, his longtime fans were already aware of his talent for music. In a 2019 interview with Men's Journal, Evans spoke about learning to play instruments since he was a child. He also mentioned the same passion in previous interviews.

“I do play some instruments. I play the piano and the guitar, and I can probably fake the drums,” he told E! News in 2011.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans, pictured on Nov. 29, 2017 in Atlanta, was one of many superhero actors to reach out after hearing about a sick child. Paras Griffin/Getty Images for “Wind River”