Get ready for more “Jurassic Park” movies. After more than a decade without a film, the fourth title in the “Jurassic” franchise, “Jurassic World,” returned to a huge box office debut. People are already asking about a possible sequel, and Chris Pratt revealed that he is signed on for the next one.

“I am,” Pratt told Entertainment Weekly when asked if he was attached to possible sequels. “They have me for I think 38 movies or something.”

It's very possible that a “Jurassic World” sequel will be developed. The film earned an estimated $511.8 million globally, making it highest-grossing worldwide opening weekend ever, according to CNN. Universal will likely want to see if that success can continue with more films.

Pratt’s co-stars seem to be onboard for the project as well. “I would be willing to do 50,000 more ‘Jurassic Parks,’ but no one has talked to me about ‘Jurassic World 2,’” actor Ty Simpkins told Cinema Blend. “But yes, as I said, I would be very open to doing it."

Jake Johnson also confirmed that he’d be happy to participate in “Jurassic World 2,” but he noted that nothing has been confirmed yet. “Honestly you’re asking the wrong guy,” the “New Girl” actor told Screen Rant about sequel plans. “My name comes up the second they decide to put my name in and I will move anything in my schedule to do it. Especially with Colin [Trevorrow, the director] and Derek [Connolly, one of the screenwriters], if they’re back for the second, I’d give a pinkie to be in it.”

However, Chris Pratt has other sequels to worry about first before jumping into another “Jurassic World” movie. He also leads Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer James Gunn recently finished the first draft of the script, which is slated for a May 2017 release, and Pratt said that his ideas were amazing.

“I will say that his pitch and his idea legitimately put tears in my eyes,” Pratt told Digital Spy. “It is so good, it’s so good. And I cannot wait to get started on it and I cannot wait for people to see what he’s going to pull off with the second movie.”