It looks like the “Jurassic” franchise is re-establishing itself as a major name in blockbuster entertainment. According to the box office figures, “Jurassic World” is poised to have one of the biggest opening weekends in history.

According to Deadline, the Chris Pratt-led flick earned a whopping $83 million the night of its U.S. release. As a result, experts estimate that the film will gross as high as $190 million or $200 million by the end of its opening weekend. It’s already the biggest release for Universal ever but, if it maintains this current trajectory, it could end up cracking the top 3 most successful opening weekends of all time. As Variety notes, the current one and two spots are “The Avengers” ($207 million) and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($191 million). It’s not unreasonable at this point to assume “Jurassic World” will take the number three spot by the end of the weekend. However, the real mystery is whether or not it will be sandwiched in film history between the two “Marvel” superhero team films.

“On behalf of everyone involved in the making of ‪#‎JurassicWorld, and believe me there are thousands of us, I want to say thank you,” Chris Pratt wrote on his Facebook Page. “It feels so wonderful to hear the overwhelmingly positive response. We are incredibly blessed and overcome with joy at the outcome of the movie and couldn't be more appreciative for the amazing support you've shown so far. This is bigger than all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

With America clearly loving the fourth installment in the legendary franchise, many are already setting their sights on a sequel. While a follow up to “Jurassic World” is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point, Forbes applauded the movie for not subjecting its audience to teasers for another movie or even an announcement that any actors would be back to make a new “Jurassic” film. As a result, the new movie was able to put its characters in real danger and not have to worry about that nagging voice in the back of the audience’s minds saying: “Yeah but he/she is going to be in the sequel, so this’ll be fine.”

In fact, the only evidence that a sequel will exist comes from Chris Pratt and director Colin Trevorrow. The former recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’s signed on for more movies after “Jurassic World.” Meanwhile, Trevorrow revealed to IndieWire that he’s not planning to return for any sequel.

“It genuinely is my opinion that this is one of those franchises that will benefit much like ‘Mission: Impossible,’ by having new voices, new directors that come in and they’re able to put their own stamp on it. These movies, they’re not inherently franchisable,” the director said. “It’s not like Marvel or like 'Star Wars,' at least creatively where you have infinite ways that you could go and this whole universe or galaxy to move in. These movies are in danger of just being remakes of each other over and over and over again.”