Convicted killer Chris Watts has been labeled a “narcissist” according to Candice DeLong, a former FBI criminal profiler and criminologist, Oxygen reported. The announcement came from DeLong on “Dr. Phil” show Tuesday.

Watts is currently in a Wisconsin prison, serving multiple sentences for killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in their family home in Colorado.

DeLong said on the show that Watts “is a malignant narcissist and psychopath.” In her opinion, “The hallmark is that they don’t feel remorse or empathy.”

Dr. Phil added to the conversation saying, “A narcissist actually thinks he can get away with it…And they get caught so easily because they don’t look at the other points of view.”

The “Dr. Phil” show also showed different video clips of Watts including him sitting across from a Colorado state investigator after his family went missing, Oxygen reported. During the video, investigators asked Watts to describe all the ways that a person could make someone disappear. Watt’s respond by giggling at the question.

According to Dr. Phil, “He laughs and he smiles because at this point he still thinks he’s the smartest person in the room.”

DeLong said that Watts and others like him don’t “feel stress,” making it easy for him to kill others.

Chris Watts Narcissist Convicted killer Chris Watts has been named a narcissist by Candice DeLong, a former FBI criminal profiler and criminologist. Watts is seen in court for his arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse on Aug. 21, 2018 in Greeley, Colorado. Photo: Getty Images/RJ Sangosti