A sign from above is on the floor at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. A smudge mark that resembles an image of Jesus has been spotted on the tile floor near a security checkpoint.

Despite being mistaken for gum, glue or mold, the mark that TSA agents have nicknamed Tile Jesus has attracted faithful followers, the Phoenix News Times reports.

"It's definitely Our Lord Jesus Christ," Becky Martin, an unemployed dental hygienist who visits the mark regularly, said. "He appears to us from time to time in ordinary places to remind us that He is here with us always being our spiritual guide."

The Jesus mark is located near American, Delta and Frontier Airlines -- nowhere near the "First-Class Passengers Only" sign. Some said it’s a sign that Jesus flies coach.

Father John Shetler, a Phoenix Catholic priest, said the apparition may be a personal sign for News Times reporter Robrt Pela, who publicized the Jesus spot.

"You left the church a long time ago," Shetler told Pela. "I'm guessing that this apparition is directed at you, personally. I think Our Lord is trying to get your attention."

Religious imagery has appeared everyday objects before. In 1996, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared on a glass façade of a finance building in Clearwater, Fla. Images of Jesus have appeared on toast, Cheetos and dental X-rays