Little Tink experienced an Easter resurrection firsthand.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith, 23, and her boyfriend, James Davis, 24, were babysitting the 2-year-old hamster from Painswick, England, when they discovered her motionless body in its cage, the Gloucester Citizen reports.

Believed to be dead, the couple wrapped Tink in a kitchen towel and buried her one foot below in their garden. The following day, on Good Friday, Tink was discovered -- very much alive -- by Lisa’s father, Les.

"We’ve nicknamed her Jesus, because it was Easter when she came back from the dead,” Les told the Stroud News and Journal.

Les, who lives next door, was crushing boxes in his backyard to prepare them for recycling when Tink appeared.

“Suddenly, a little face popped out of one of them, which gave me a big startle, I can assure you,” Les told the Gloucester Citizen.

It turns out Tink, who was buried alive, managed to bite her way out of the kitchen towel, escape her grave and seek refuge in an empty cat food box ready to be recycled.

"It’s amazing that she survived. She’d been out in that freezing cold all night -- it was a good 24 hours,” Les said, pointing to how it was one of the coldest Easter’s on record.

Gloucester veterinarian John Auld said he has seen hamsters rise from the dead before and points to hibernation as a possible reason for Tink’s cold and lifeless state.

"If its body temperature drops below a certain level, the animal can go into hibernation,” he said. "It has been known for owners to mistakenly believe that their pets have died when in fact they are only sleeping.”

Tink has moved on since her “resurrection.”

“She’s safe and well, back upstairs with the rest of the recruits,” Kilbourne-Smith said.