• In the US alone in 2021 over 1.6 million people have started to build a home.
  • Christiane Dania and Michael Dania are an entrepreneur couple who are compiling the best materials and surfaces the world has to offer.
  • The number of houses being built is an indication of the continuing need for the architectural, engineering and interior design industries.

The world of architecture and interior design is continually evolving and shifting according to trends, available resources, and the innovation of materials and surfaces. In the US in 2021 alone, there were an estimated 1.6 million house starts. This is an indication of not only the sustained necessity for architects, but the importance of quality materials, surfaces, furniture, and household furnishings. Whilst the landscape of the design industry is in a continued state of flux; the imperative for high-quality, beautiful, and innovative materials is constant.

Christiane Dania, and her husband Michael Dania, have crafted dynamic spaces and a showroom that showcases international materials and surfaces of an extraordinary quality. Their curated showroom highlights surfaces and materials that are artfully sourced and displayed in order to cater to an international market of architects, interior designers, and global businesses.

The Importance of Materials and Surfaces in 2022

Materials and surfaces are always important for construction, design and architecture. Each of these fields uses both materials and surfaces to create spaces which are suited for their purpose. High-quality materials tend to be more sustainable than low-cost materials as they are more durable and made with a higher degree of craftsmanship. This can help improve the sustainability of a project as the materials which are used will stand the test of time and not need to be replaced in the near future. Additionally, high-quality materials are the bread and butter of Archicover the showroom which has been curated to display over 5000 materials and surfaces.

The Archicover Showroom

The Archicover showroom is a vibrant hub for an international selection of surfaces, materials, textiles, and products. The showroom has been artfully curated and stocked by its owners: design duo Christiane Dania and her husband, Michael Dania. The showroom can be described as a ‘material library,’ that is manufacturer-independent. The experience of the showroom is a vital component of its existence, where consumers are able to interact with the materials and surfaces in a beautiful setting.

Christiane and Michael have worked cohesively with designers and manufacturers for a number of years. This collaboration has enabled them to collect and acquire artisanal pieces from around the world. In addition to this, the couples’ love for travel and international experiences has allowed for them to accrue unique and inspired pieces from many diverse places. This ensures that their showroom, and available products, is a dynamic combination of timeless, contemporary, and collectible pieces.

The couple have become specialists in the global exploration for materials and surfaces. In the Archicover Showroom products from around the globe as well as regional products are carefully curated according to their function, design requirements and quality. The Dania's function as both the importer and adviser for the customers of Archicover allows them to provide a complete service to their clients. The Archicover Showroom also possesses an in-house research and development team to better round off their one of a kind and comprehensive range of materials and surfaces. The team at Archicover has meticulously classified all of their materials in both digital and physical format.

The material library of Archicover is categorized according to the main types of materials and surfaces which they provide. As previously mentioned there are over 5000 material and surface samples which customers may peruse. Christiane and Michael understand their customers and they have created an easy way of creating a collection of samples for a new project in a matter of hours. In addition to the materials and surfaces which Archicover has curated they also provide customers with a range of samples from renowned manufacturers of furniture, lighting and plumbing as well as other building and design components. These additional design components can also be coordinated with the materials and surfaces which have been selected by a customer.

Those interested in finding high quality and unique materials and surfaces for their next design or construction project will be well-suited to the vast library of materials and surfaces which Archicover provides. Archicover can help architects as well as novices to compile and adapt a list of materials and surfaces for their desired purposes. Archicover prides itself on the limitless nature of combinations which they provide and go so far as to state, “There are no limits to our joint creativity when it comes to implementation.”

The entrepreneurial couple behind Archicover, Christiane and Michael Dania, also bring a great deal of developers and producers of high-quality materials to both the architectural and interior design industry. The couple shares not only a passion for high-quality materials and surfaces but also a passion for traveling. Over their many years of work, they have visited national and international trade fairs to compile a list of the latest and greatest products as well as classics which are timeless. The couple takes pride in their ability to make this large and impressive collection of diverse, unique and luxury materials and surfaces available to the public. The Archicover showroom in which all the materials and surfaces are kept is over 1000 m 2 .

Final Thoughts

The couple Christiane Dania and Michael Dania have traveled the world to collect a massive array of luxury materials and surfaces for the design and architectural industries. Their showroom is stocked with samples and both digital and physical samples can be used together to create the basis of the next project which an individual is working on. There should be no shortage of ideas with the wealth of materials and surfaces on display as well as the collection of other products which are necessary for construction.