In order to pioneer a movement around making private flights more accessible, Sami Belbase and Suman Desai founded FlyBLACK Jets as CEO and President, respectively. Following trends in the industry, as more jets are getting chartered as opposed to purchased outright, FlyBLACK Jets pride themselves on providing a seamless and luxurious experience at a fraction of its competitor’s rates.

Since the launch of their innovative app in 2019, Belbase and Desai have opened up the glorious world of private flights for individuals without the connections and wealth of a celebrity or international business mogul. With FlyBLACK Jets, ordering a private jet is basically as easy as ordering an Uber.

As a modern, internet native business, the company is always looking to adopt new business tactics and incorporate cutting-edge technology. Of course, as Belbase and Desai are in the technology business as much as they are in the private flight business, FlyBLACK Jets has been utilizing the data they have available to analyze consumer behavior and find ways to adapt to the economic challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many people associate private flights with celebrities, Belbase and Desai understand that many avid travelers could greatly benefit from these types of flights. The same type of person who accumulates and benefits from frequent flyer miles and other airline-based reward programs is the exact type of person who would further benefit from chartered private flights.

Beyond the increased level of privacy, private flights help travelers save time and give them far more flexibility.

Of course, private flyers never have to worry about long security lines, taking off shoes, emptying backpacks and pockets, metal detectors, or body scanners. With private flights, travelers have more choices of flight times and can make last-second changes. Further, travelers have more flexibility in terms of which airports they can fly in and out of, with the option to either choose alternative airports or wait it out in the event of delays.

For example, travelers who fly between Los Angeles and San Francisco may find themselves in delays due to turbulent Bay Area weather; with FlyBLACK Jets, that same traveler could decide to re-route and fly into Oakland or another nearby airport to minimize time wasted. Belbase’s and Desai’s team is also expertly equipped to help their clients execute all high-priority and time-sensitive changes. This opportunity, of course, is not possible on traditional flights. FlyBLACK Jets’s offering massively helps any avid traveler with a time-sensitive itinerary as well as any business person who needs to make important meetings.

To this point, some private airports actually let travelers pull their cars up directly to the aircraft. In these instances, the valet service will help unload the luggage, put the bags on the plane, and take care of the car.

Clearly, with FlyBLACK Jets, Belbase and Desai are not only opening up access to private flights for travelers who would benefit greatly from these types of flights, but they are also providing the most comprehensive, seamless, and luxurious experience on the market.

Please visit FlyBLACK Jets’s website to learn more about the company and its offerings.