KOIO's Capri Triple KOIO's Capri Triple Photo: KOIO

Let's face it.  Contemporary notions of luxury- especially during the pandemic- have changed. 

Take in sneaker wear, for instance. 

In New York city at least, understated, monochrome, and subtle, but distinguishing accents are the vogue. And luxury also means comfort and functionality. 

A salient example can be found with KOIO's  Capri Triple White

The brand's hero sneaker is emerging as a staple amongst stylish youths, as it offers all of the aforementioned benefits and fits into a comfortable disposable shopping budget. 

Relatively to any other brand on the market- whether it be  Greats, Oliver Cabell, or Wolf & Shepherd- KOIO's offering is most in touch with millennial trigger points and carries the greatest value to price ratio. 

A look into KOIO's craftsmanship reveals the reasons why: 

KOIO takes no shortcuts in designing and manufacturing their top of the line leather goods. Every inch of the Capri Triple White, from the heel to the toe, is cut and assembled into perfection in Italy. The leather is gold certified by the Leather Working Group, which means that the tannery which supplies Koio adheres to the toughest environmental standards. All KOIO products are lined on the inside with the smoothest leather to assure a custom feeling and mold for every foot. Breaking in your pair of KOIO’s is done with ease.  

KOIO has even mastered the base, with rubber more durable and bouncy than any other sneaker in the market. 

It's no wonder then why their Triple White is becoming more and more the gold-standard in affordable luxury for our generation everyday. 

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