With Christmas just around the corner for the Western hemisphere and its arrival in the Eastern Hemisphere, people are spreading joy and cheer globally as Santa starts making his rounds. But how is Christmas celebrated around the world with the different depictions of Santa?

In the mix of all regional Christmas celebrations are traditions both new and old that reflect the culture of particular areas.

While some regional cultures maintain iconic ways of celebrating Christmas such as taking a picture with Santa at the mall, wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters and going overboard with holiday lights and decorations, others have taken their own spin on Christmas with their own traditions such as jumping into a cold body of water dressed as Santa, drunkenly stumbling through city streets during SantaCon and even running dressed as Santa during a marathon.

Whether you want to call him Santa, or Father Christmas, celebrators of the Christmas holiday have clearly found many ways of breaking Santa out of the mold of merely dropping off presents under the Christmas tree and eating cookies and milk.

Take a look at Christmas celebrated in many different ways around the world in pictures below.