Christmas giving doesn't have to be expensive. Here are cheap ideas for presents. Getty Images

The holidays have the major potential to hurt your wallet, but they don't have to. Christmas giving can be cheap if you do a little legwork. But don't just wrap up some junk you have laying around the house — put thought into it, or let us do it for you. Here are a few inexpensive gift ideas you can either purchase or put together yourself.

1. Earbud cord wrappers to keep the wires from tangling.

2. A deck of cards to keep things playful.

3. A 64-count set of crayons to color anything and everything.

4. A cute journal for a daily diary.

5. Various seeds to start a garden.

6. A jump rope because you're never too old to learn to double dutch.

Want to whip up a big batch of gifts quickly? Make these presents:

1. A paper plate clock using a clock kit, a decorated plate and these instructions from Momtastic.

2. Lemon sugar scrub made from white sugar, coconut oil and lemon extract. Mix together per these instructions from Living Well Spending Less.

3. Soothing bath salts from Epsom salts, rock salt and a drop of your favorite essential oil. Check out these instructions from Beautylish.

4. A custom apron with a silly, iron-on message like "King of the Grill" or "Mr. Good Lookin's Cookin'." Details here from I Heart Naptime.

5. Money origami in the shape of a cross, cube or elephant. Grab your bill of choice and follow the directions here from Maria Magic Media.

6. Fill an oven mitt with homemade brownie mix, a whisk and chocolate chips. Use white sugar, cocoa powder, flour, salt and baking powder, per I Am Baker.

7. Granola with all your favorite fixings. Try this recipe from Alton Brown, then deliver in Mason jars.