“Walking Dead” fans may be depressed right now with the AMC show on hiatus until Sunday, Feb. 9, but we’ve got something that is bound to put smiles on their faces – a “Walking Dead” Christmas gift guide!

Put down that sweater and don’t even think about stuffing a gift card in an envelope because we’ve got 13 presents in every price range for the zombie enthusiast in your life.

Under $15

Daryl Dixon Light Switch Cover

Daryl Dixon Light Switch Cover
The Daryl Dixon Light Switch Cover is available on Etsy by Zombie Love Squad. Zombie Love Squad/ Etsy

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and his crossbow cause men and women all over the world to swoon. Now fans of the zombie apocalypse bad boy can turn on their bedroom lights while getting turned on by him. The Daryl Dixon light switch cover is available on Etsy for $6 by the “Zombie Love Squad” shop. You can click HERE to purchase.

“Dead Inside” Decal

This decal is available on Etsy by Value Vinyl Art. Value Vinyl Art/ Etsy

Fans of the pilot episode will definitely appreciate this 20”x11” “Dead Inside” vinyl wall decal. It’s available for purchase on Etsy shop Value Vinyl Art for $11.50. Click HERE to purchase it.

Under $25

“The Walking Dead, Book One”

“The Walking Dead, Book One”
“The Walking Dead, Book One” is available for $24.52 on Barnesandnoble.com. Image Comics

If that special person in your life loves “The Walking Dead” TV show they’re bound to enjoy the print version. Start off with “The Walking Dead, Book One,” a hardcover that features the first 12 issues. Available at Barnes & Noble for $34.99, you can get it for $24.52 by shopping on their website. Click HERE to purchase.

Carl Shirt

Carl Shirt
This Carl shirt is available on Etsy by shop Crafts by Casaverde. Crafts by Casaverde/ Etsy

Pay homage to Lori Grimes and her awesome parenting skills with this “Stay In The House Carl!” tee-shirt. The shirt is available on Etsy by shop Crafts by Casaverde for $20. Click HERE to buy it.

Under $50

Daryl Dixon Ear Necklace

Daryl Dixon Ear Necklace
The Daryl Dixon Ear Necklace is available on Etsy by Shop Kensington. Shop Kensington/ Etsy

Remember when Daryl went a little crazy in season 2 and began to wear zombie ears around his neck? Ahh, the good ol’ days. This Daryl inspired ear necklace is available on Etsy from Shop Kensington for $29. Click HERE to buy it.

Daryl-Inspired Angel Wing Shirt

Daryl-Inspired Angel Wing Shirt
The Daryl-inspired angel wing shirt is available for $27.61. RedBubble.com

More Daryl Dixon Christmas gifts? Believe me … odds are that special person you’re buying for LOVES the crossbow toting survivor. Pass on the Daryl Dixon look with this angel wing shirt on RedBubble.com. Prices start at $27.61 and you can click HERE to buy.

“The Walking Dead” Monopoly

“The Walking Dead” Monopoly
“The Walking Dead” Monopoly game is available for $39.99. Think Geek

Monopoly gets “The Walking Dead” treatment on this twist on the classic board game. Instead of worrying about buying up property, players will want to make sure that the properties they own are safe against zombies. The game is available at ThinkGeek.com for $39.99. Click HERE to purchase it.

“The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct”

Walking Dead game
“The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” is available for $29.99. Activision

Activision created a first-person action game for “Walking Dead” lovers. The game, which is available for PS3, Xbox360 and Wii U follows Daryl and Merle Dixon on a “haunting, unforgiving journey across the Georgia countryside. The game is available at Game Stop for $29.99, click HERE to look at your different gaming options.

Character Cardboard Cutouts

Walking Dead Gifts
The Rick cardboard cutout is available for $34.95. CardboardCutouts.com

You may not be able to wrap up Michonne, Rick or Daryl but you can come pretty close with these life size cardboard cutouts available at Cardboardcutouts.com for $34.95 each. Click HERE to purchase.

Under $100

“The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season” Special Blu-ray Limited Edition

Walking Dead Gift
Full price for the season 3 limited edition set is $149.99. Walking Dead/ AMC

The ultimate “Walking Dead” lover will devour this limited edition Blu-ray. The entire third season of the AMC series comes in a special “Zombie Head Aquarium” based on the one that the Governor kept hidden. Featuring two aquariums that you can fill with water, the case can fit a total of five severed heads and decorative twigs. Be sure to include four AAA batteries because the tank lights up. The limited edition Blu-ray for season 3 is currently on sale at Walmart.com for $94.96 (click HERE) or at Amazon.com for $79.99 (click HERE). Original retail price is $149.99.

Under $500

The Gerber Gear Apocalypse Kit

Walking Dead Gift
Available by Gerber Gear for $349. GerberGear

If “The Walking Dead” has taught us anything it’s that one must be prepared with weapons in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. Although characters like Glenn and the Governor have used zombie bones to combat the undead, not all of us are ready to get that down and dirty … which is why this Apocalypse Kit from Gerber Gear is perfect. The kit features a Gator Machete, Camp Axe II, Gator Machete Pro and more in a durable canvas that is easy to carry with you on the run. The kit is available on GerberGear.com for $349. You can click HERE to buy it.

AMC “The Walking Dead” Officially Licensed Michonne’s Katana

Walking Dead Gift
Available by Smoky Mountain Knife Works for $279.99. Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Give the ultimate “Walking Dead” gift with this limited edition replica of Michonne’s katana. Only 5,000 were made by Smoky Mountain Knife Works and are available for $279.99. The sword comes etched with Michonne’s signature by actress Danai Gurira.

Under $1,500

Shelf Reliance One Year Food Storage

Walking Dead Gift
Available for $1499.99 at Costco. Shelf Reliance Food/ Costco

Don’t let this $1,499.99 price tag turn you off. Nothing says “I love you” more than the Shelf Reliance 9687 total servings for one person for one year. At $0.16 cents per serving it’s not only a great buy, but gives your loved one a shot at survival in the zombie apocalypse with its 25 year shelf life. (As an added bonus you can invite yourself over if things get bad and turn the year supply for one person into a six month supply for two … if they know how to share.) Click HERE to find the Shelf Reliance One Year Food Storage at Costco.

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